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By default it shows your IP address details but If you enter an IP Address, then you can get the detail of that IP such as part of the city, state, country of world etc. Just by using our Find IP Locator Tool.

You just need to Enter the IP address of that user in the box below and click “🔍” icon. Our Find IP Locator tool will provide details, geolocation may vary to the actual location in some case!

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external-IP-Address-web-hosting-(outline)-outline-andi-nur-abdillahIP Address203.161.57.134
zip-codeZIP code15370
country--v1Country CodeUS
globe--v1CountryUnited States
timeCurrent Time01:07:07 AM
external-continent-geological-exploration-outline-geotatahContinentNorth America
shutterstockISPNamecheap, Inc.
parallel-tasksOrganisationNamecheap, Inc
nft-node--v2ASAS22612 Namecheap, Inc.
nft-node--v1AS NameNAMECHEAP-NET

What is IP Locator Lookup?

IP Locator lookup is connected to the internet are the source of communication to interact with each other for downloading files or uploading a web page or surfing, chatting, etc.

Find IP Locator Lookup
IP Location Finder

A computer should have an address that helps the other computer find the location and deliver the command regarding the device. This address has a technical term referred to as an IP Locator Lookup.

For example, Mr. A has ordered food delivery and provided his residential address to deliver it. So, Mr. A has his unique residential address; likewise, the computer needs an individual address so that the server can identify from which IP addresses what command is requested.

What working procedure is followed in an free ip address location?

A child grows and learns a language to communicate. They have to learn specific rules to instigate them into use.

Find IP Locator Lookup
IP Location Finder

Similarly, an IP address is similar to any other language with a few sets of rules to send information.

The rules are as follows:

    1. Whenever the device is connected to the internet, the internet service provider grants the device access to the web.
    1. Internet surfing or activities go through with the help of a service provider and are recorded in the IP address of the relevant device.
    1. Home location doesn’t accompany IP addresses. It changes when the network of the device changes.

How do you understand IP address lookup?

A computer includes a unique mechanism of it is the address referred to as IP address (Internet Protocol). It holds 32 bit (4 bytes altogether), and it represents as xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.

As a bite can be viewed by any number from 0 to 255, the minimum and the maximum IP address possibilities are to

All the applications on the internet create logs(a computer built-in data that holds the information with usage of patterns, activities, and operations within an operating system) in which the IP address task is to keep records of all the interactions of computers.

It helps to identify which data belongs or is generated from which IP address. In cyber crimes, IP addresses are crucial in solving the cases.

The IP Locator lookup tools contains two kinds of numbers: Network Number and Host Number.

#Factopedia- IP addresses are mainly provided by IANA (Internet Corporation for Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)

How do you classify IP location finder?

An IP address can be classified concerning its usage in the following bullets:

    • Public IP address- This form of the reverse IP Locator lookup is assigned to the general citizens/public with the help of the network service provider (router mechanism)
    • Private IP address- This IP address is not connected to the internet, and no data exchange is facilitated in the device.
    • Shared IP address- This form of an IP address is economical and caused by saving. As it helps to share or rent other websites to connect. Several companies use the same IP address (by a single mail server) to save costs.
    • Dedicated IP address- This IP address is assigned by a single company using a private Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which gives security and helps maintain secrecy. It helps to protect the IP address from spam.

#Factopedia- Public IP address is further divided into Static and Dynamic IP addresses in which Static IP address never changes.

How can IP addresses be protected?

To secure IP address from any kind of threats following points must be considered:

Find IP Locator Lookup
IP Location Finder
    • Usage of mostly proxy servers.
    • Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) while connected to public Wi-Fi ( in case of travelling) to secure privacy.
    • Change privacy settings or prioritize privacy settings on the instant messaging application.
    • Always change passwords after one month.
    • Keep a close eye on fishing emails and malicious content.
    • Secure the computer by the installation of anti-virus applications and upgrade it regularly.
    • Never use Torrent or pirated websites (where chances of threats are very active).

#Factopedia- The application that breaks down the connectivity of users and internet connectivity is called a proxy. It acts as a gateway and helps prevent cyber attacks.

How can IP addresses be found in phones?

The fundamental procedure to locate the mobile phone with a personal IP address is listed below-

    • Step 1- Click on the settings
    • Step 2- Select the Wi-Fi option from the connectivity
    • Step 3- Click on additional settings
    • Step 4- IP address information is allotted in it.

How can IP addresses be found in iPhones?

The following steps to determine the iPhone IP address are as follows

    • Step 1> Click on the iPhone
    • Step 2> Select the Wi-Fi option in the settings
    • Step 3> Tap and connect to the Local Network.
    • Step 4> Access the network option (after connecting), and tap the network.
    • Step 5> IP address is revealed beneath the IP address heading.

How does one geolocate another with their IP Locator Lookup?

The easiest and quicker way to locate a device using its IP address is below [crayon-58ra8f35a4831164849175/].

The HTTP request is straightforward. The access key and internet address are to be identified to access the response object. The response object appears in this way- [crayon-58ra8f35a48d261390640/].

IP address (given) is covered with information in detail in the return object, including continent, nation, region, and codes.

With the enormous knowledge, one can create a software application of geolocation that is used to locate users’ geographical location data with their IP address.

#Factopedia- Geolocation refers to the geographical location of the particular device.

What are the IP address tracker lipsticks?

The lipstick uses the IP addresses Lookup of others to locate and identify them. It facilitated getting details of the user’s geolocation.

It is a safe and secure form of the tracker to heal the device or the user’s location from getting indulged in any threat.


An IP address is like a boon to society. IP address location play an enormous role in detecting cyber and criminal crimes.

It helps to investigate the prospect of the messages and even detain those users who mislead social networking content.